Animated Video Backgrounds

Check animated video backgrounds and video loops to find premium animation videos for PowerPoint and other projects involving videos.

3D animations including animated explainer videos can be very effective if you are working on projects like PowerPoint presentation or some other project which can include videos. An animation video can help you decorate and augment your PowerPoint presentations to depict different business, training and educational scenarios. These scenarios are usually very important and adding background video or animation videos are known to make your PowerPoint presentations and other video projects effective. Animated explainer videos can very easily describe a subject, situation and scenario, leaving your audience educated and fulfilled. offers a professional gallery of animation videos, where you can download premium 3D animations for PowerPoint and other video projects. presents a quality gallery of 3D animations. Our animated video backgrounds’ library-which is available with attractive subscription plans-has content to cover a huge array of business, training and educational scenarios. Browse through our collection of royalty free through background video and animated explainer videos.

Our animated video backgrounds are easy to use for all your video projects. For final presentations and other outputs, you just got to insert our video loops in any of the appropriate formats like animated MP4 clips etc. It’s as easy as inserting an image. Use our Animated Video Backgrounds to present to your clients, prospects, employees, team, students and senior executives. invites you to download our premium animated video backgrounds now to use in your presentations and other video projects.

What to for better output?

Our animated video backgrounds work best with PowerPoint 2010 and later versions along with Mac 2011. Our animation videos use the PowerPoint 2010 capability of allowing text over video. This utility is not available for PowerPoint 2007 or 2003, and thus, text over video is a bit tricky with these versions. To do so, you will require some 3rd Party plug-in.

Video Formats Available: WMV, MOV, MP4, SWF, FLV
Video Dimension: 1024x768
Frame Rate: 30fps

We invite you to check’s 3D animations including animated explainer videos and other premium video loops for PowerPoint and other video projects.

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