With coronavirus outbreak becoming one of the most notorious events of the current century, every bit of information and the resources to disperse the same are very crucial. As such, EditableTemplates.com came up with some useful resources for medics including doctors, students, academicians and other professionals involved directly or indirectly in our collective fight against this global pandemic called novel coronavirus COVID-19. These useful resources include coronavirus MS Word templates, infographics, blogs, articles etc. along with coronavirus PowerPoint templates.

EditableTemplates.com - Coronavirus Presentation Templates

Following are COVID-19 presentation template to help medics around the globe create some educational and informative presentations on this notorious global threat called coronavirus.

These are high quality, customizable and professionally pre-designed coronavirus PowerPoint Templates with 30 additional charts and graphs along with main slide, master slide and print slide. These presentation templates contain built-in heading and text styles for you with high-quality graphics and images.

Following are some of the features of COVID-19 Presentation Template

  • These presentation templates come with multi-purpose design with 3D backgrounds for multiple presentations on COVID-19
  • These presentation templates are 100% editable PowerPoint templates that are very easy to modify
  • The premium version of these presentation templates have 30 different charts and graphs along with main slide, master slide and print slide to impress your audience
  • These presentation templates contain easy-to-edit graphics, charts and graphs

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