With novel coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak taking shape as one of the most awe inspiring events of the current century, all the efforts to spread the crucial information related to the deadly disease is very important. With this thought in mind, EditableTemplates.com managed to come up with some useful resources for medics including medical doctors, students, academicians and other professionals standing bravely (directly or indirectly) in our collective fight against this formidable enemy named novel coronavirus COVID-19. These useful resources include coronavirus PowerPoint templates, infographics, blogs, articles etc. along with coronavirus MS word templates.

EditableTemplates.com - Coronavirus MS Word Templates

Following are COVID-19 MS word templates created by EditableTemplates.com to help medics around the world create some educational and informative documents on this notorious global threat coronavirus.

These are high quality, customizable and professionally pre-designed coronavirus MS Word document layout for 3 pages (DOT format template). These templates contain built-in heading and text styles for you with high-quality graphics and images.

Following are some of the features of COVID-19 Presentation Template

  • Page Size - A4 / 8.5x11
  • Supported Resolutions (Pixel) - (595x842), (1024x1450), Custom
  • Image Quality - 72dpi
  • Comes with .dot file and 3 .jpg files

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