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North America Map Maps for PowerPoint #03940

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Price : $15.00
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Supported Resolutions: (640x480), (800x600), (1024x768)
Supported OS: Windows, Mac and Linux
Editable: All shapes, Colors and text are editable.
What you get: .ppt file for lower versions of MS PowerPoint and .pptx for higher versions of MS PowerPoint
Supported Software: Windows MS PowerPoint (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013), Open Office 2 and above, Mac MS PowerPoint (2008, 2011) and Mac Keynote
NOTE: We recommend our users to use latest version of software to get best output.
Description : Download's cost-effective powerpoint North America Map With Selection List now. Be effective with your presentations and other digital media representations by simply using our editable North America Map for powerpoint in all your map based communications, which cost nearly nothing. Download These North America Map for powerpoint, which are royalty free and easy to use.'s royalty free powerpoint North America Map with its provinces and states are easy to use, and even a layman can work with these without any problem. Download this North America Map for powerpoint for professional sales, marketing and educational presentations.