PowerPoint Stats and Facts : An Infographics

PowerPoint Stats and Facts  
In your professional careers, you all must have worked in offices and attended conferences, seminars or training sessions. As such, there are strong chances of your sitting through PowerPoint presentations. We all are aware of its importance in our professional lives.

• PowerPoint was invented in 1984 by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin of Forethought, Inc.
• PowerPoint was originally named “Presenter”.
• “Presenter” was later acquired by Microsoft In 1987 and renamed PowerPoint.
• PowerPoint was originally developed for the Apple Mac only.
• We have over 500 million PowerPoint users all over the globe today.
• Globally, over 30 million presentations are created every day.
• Well over 6 million teachers use PowerPoint for their classroom lectures.
• Over 120 Million business people use PowerPoint all over the globe for business presentations.


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